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    2. 深圳市九安通科技有限公司


      Shenzhen nine anstone technology co., LTD is one of the security industry products provider in China, the company is located in shenzhen longgang district pinghu across east road no. 51 letter li & fung industrial zone 3 curriculum building, floor, is a product development, design, production to sales and after-sale one-stop service of high-tech enterprises. Over the years, the company is committed to upgrading the brand value, and enjoy high reputation in domestic, the product sells in distant markets, has been used in thousands of security engineering, and with excellent technology, excellent quality, perfect service win the customer the consistent high praise. To create professional, unique brand laid a solid foundation, and successfully became the supplier quality security products, security products 10 potential brand, provides the customers with high quality, professional and trustworthy products.

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